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Container Sales and Modifications

Pricing and Availability

The pricing and availability will fluctuate with the international marketplace. This makes it difficult for any company to provide a reliable price quote online. Therefore, please email or call us in order to determine the current price.

20 ft Storage Container

20' L x 8.5' H x 8.5' W

1165 cu. ft.

The 20ft Container storage will bring you 1165 cu. ft. of safe and secure space. Featuring 14-gauge corrugated steel and marine grade plywood flooring with a safe and secure cargo door on one end of the container. Available in all condition categories.

Certified Containers are Secure, Weatherproof and Mobile.

Steel Containers are the perfect solution for virtually any storage or office project and you can rely on us to provide you a quick and safe delivery.

Delivered Where You Need It, Safe and Secure.

Secure, convenient temporary storage and office solutions delivered to you in. Whether it’s a job site, the office or your home, sometimes you just need a space to store your equipment supplies or precious items. Certified Containers gives you the peace of mind that they are secure, close by and easy to access.